SecretsofSpanishNEWNEW YORK — “The Secrets of Spanish Tennis,” the book that features the key

Spanish methods and philosophies that have propelled Spain to the pinnacle
of professional tennis, is now available for sale from New Chapter Press.

The book is written by elite New York-based high performance tennis coach
Chris Lewit, who spent the last seven years visiting many of the top Spanish
academies and studying their teaching methods. The book features results of
Lewit’s interviews with some of the leading Spanish coaches, explaining
their unique and special training methodology, while also sharing many of
their “secret” Spanish tennis drills.

“I am very excited to share the results of my extensive studies of the
Spanish approach towards tennis and the training methods of Spain’s most
famous coaches in this book,” said Lewit. “This is a very valuable and
practical tool for any player, parent, or coach who is curious about how a
small country like Spain has become a world superpower in tennis, and would
like to learn and adopt some of the methods used to achieve this
unprecedented success. The advice, methods, and drills shared in this book
are presented in a clear and simple way that is easy for the reader to

All featured drills in the book from famous Spanish coaches are also
demonstrated visually on Lewit’s website to
aid the understanding of the reader. The book can be purchased where books
are sold, including here on

Lluis Bruguera, the respected Spanish tennis coach and the father of
two-time French Open champion Sergi Bruguera, contributed the foreword to
the book. Bruguera, the former Spanish Davis Cup captain and technical
director of the Real Federacion Espanola de Tennis, is the founder and
current director of the Bruguera Tennis Academy in Spain.

“Chris is in love with the Spanish system and a fervent follower because he
believes in the advantages of what this system offers,” said Bruguera in the
foreword. “It’s obvious that one country so small and without many
practitioners must have something hidden that supports the success. I highly
recommend The Secrets of Spanish Tennis to all parents, coaches, and players
who are interested in learning the Spanish methods.”

Said Valencia, Spain-based International Tennis Federation Development
Research Officer Miguel Crespo in endorsing the book, “The Secrets of
Spanish Tennis provides an excellent overview of the main characteristics
and reasons why tennis in Spain has been so successful. By the appropriate
combination of theory and practice, the book helps to understand the factors
that may help a nation in the development of high performance players. A
must read for those interested in the insights of some of the best players
and coaches in the history of the game.”

Lewit directs the Chris Lewit Tennis Academy, a Spanish-inspired high
performance tennis academy at the prestigious New York Tennis Club, the
oldest tennis club in New York, located in the Throgs Neck area of the
Bronx. The Chris Lewit Tennis Academy is the only tennis school in the
Northeastern United States to offer an authentic and progressive curriculum
based on the successful methods of Spain. Lewit is a certified USTA High
Performance Coach, the highest coaching designation in the United States; a
member of the USPTA and PTR; and he has also received the prestigious ASC
certification from the Academia Sanchez-Casal, earned while studying in
Barcelona, Spain. He has studied under many former top ATP players and
coaches and several national federation coaches, including Bruguera and
legendary Spanish coach Pato Alvarez. He played No. 1 for Cornell University
in singles and doubles and still actively competes on the ITF professional
circuit in his spare time. A resident of Weehawken, New Jersey, he is a
long-time contributing editor for and the author of The
Tennis Technique Bible.

Founded in 1987, New Chapter Press ( is also the
publisher of “The Greatest Tennis Matches of All-Time” by Steve Flink, “The
Education of a Tennis Player” by Rod Laver with Bud Collins, “Macci Magic:
Extracting Greatness From Yourself And Others” by Rick Macci with Jim Martz,
“Roger Federer: Quest for Perfection” by Rene Stauffer
(, “The Days of Roger Federer” by Randy Walker,
“Andy Murray, Wimbledon Champion: The Full Extraordinary Story” by Mark
Hodgkinson, “The Bud Collins History of Tennis” by Bud Collins, “The
Wimbledon Final That Never Was” by Sidney Wood, “Acing Depression: A Tennis
Champion’s Toughest Match” by Cliff Richey and Hilaire Richey Kallendorf,
“Titanic: The Tennis Story” by Lindsay Gibbs, “Jan Kodes: A Journey To Glory
From Behind The Iron Curtain” by Jan Kodes with Peter Kolar, “Tennis Made
Easy” by Kelly Gunterman, “On This Day In Tennis History” by Randy Walker
(, “A Player’s Guide To USTA League Tennis” by Tony
Serksnis, “Court Confidential: Inside The World Of Tennis” by Neil Harman,
“A Backhanded Gift” by Marshall Jon Fisher, “Boycott: Stolen Dreams of the
1980 Moscow Olympic Games” by Tom Caraccioli and Jerry Caraccioli
(, “Internet Dating 101: It’s Complicated, But It
Doesn’t Have To Be” by Laura Schreffler, “How To Sell Your Screenplay” by
Carl Sautter, “Bone Appetit: Gourmet Cooking For Your Dog” by Suzan Anson,
“The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle” by Stewart Wolpin among

Randy Walker, New Chapter Press
(917) 770 0843

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